Labour performed by children is harmful for their physical health and their mental development and it denies them of their childhood. It also deprives them of receiving an education, which can help them in getting a decent job that will support them, their future and family. DK Company recognizes that we source from countries where child labour occurs, and this policy communicates our position on child labour and young workers.

Scope of policy

This child labour and young worker policy applies to all our business partners.

Definition of Child Labour

Our definition of child labour is based on the definition of the International Labour Organization (ILO) Conventions 138 and 182. It refers to work carried out by a child or young person younger than the age(s) specified in below definitions.

• Definition of a child:
Any person below the age of 15 years, unless local minimum age law stipulates a higher age for work or mandatory schooling, in which case the higher age shall apply.

• Definition of a young worker:
Any worker under the age of 18 years of age.

Our position

DK Company does not accept any form of employment of children below the minimum age described above. This includes full-time and part-time. As a minimum, children must finish their primary education.

Young workers must only perform light work, which does not encompass working with dangerous chemicals, heavy lifting, or dangerous machinery. Young workers are not allowed to work night shifts.

All suppliers and business partners are expected to commit to this policy and required to have effective procedures in place to ensure that above policy is implemented. This includes:

• Effective hiring systems to prevent children from working at their premises.
• Records of age verification must always be kept.
• If a supplier is providing childcare facilities, it must ensure that the children remain at that area and never enter production areas.

In addition, we expect that our suppliers monitor their suppliers and subcontractors to ensure no child labour. We reserve the right to conduct audits to verify that child labour does not take place.

Procedure for handling child labour

If child labour is detected at facility, DK Company must be informed immediately, i.e. within 24 hours. DK Company will in cooperation with the supplier find a satisfactory solution, taking into consideration the child´s age, social situation and education. The principle of the best interests of the child must always inform the decision-making, and any measures taken should always aim to improve, not worsen, each child´s situation. This implies the following:

• If a child is to be replaced from unacceptable working conditions, the factory should continue to pay the wages to the child until it reaches the legal age for working. If possible, a member of the child´s family should be offered the job position but should be paid an adult wage. This is to secure a stable private economy of the child and its family.

• If the child has finished primary school, the child should be offered education that supports the child’s further development until it reaches the legal age for working. When the child has reached the legal age for working, the child should be offered the job again on the same terms as everyone else in the workplace.

DK Company reserves the right to involve local or international organizations, including non-governmental organizations etc. with the purpose of securing the child´s future. Child labour is not tolerated, and we may find it necessary to terminate the business relationship if child labour is confirmed and above procedures are not followed by the supplier. However, future cooperation will be considered if we manage to find a sustainable solution to secure the child´s wellbeing.


This statement was approved by the Parent Company DK Company A/S and relates to all the companies in the DK Company Group.