About Saint Tropez

Our products are created to represent and attract real women in a wide range of age groups. We want our fabrics, fits, colours and silhouettes to encourage women to express their own personality. Fashion should, in our opinion, never be unobtainable. To make it accessible to mainstream customers, we make an effort to create commercial designs at good prices. We provide a full range wardrobe, and we love it when items can be styled for more than one occasion.


Our designs are for the woman, who wants to feel fashionable every day.
We create the season’s must haves, the everyday hero and the perfect party look – accessible fashion for all occasions. 

The Saint Tropez woman is a versatile woman. She is sweet as well as wild, and she does not bother too much with norms.  Like most interesting people she has both a nice and a dark side. Is both soft and hard. Reasonable and impulsive.  Outgoing and private. On one hand, she loves to wear wool socks, drink tea and read books. She is a good colleague, a sweet friend and an attentive girlfriend, who cares about others.  On the other hand, she is a playful diva on stilettos. Not exactly a rebel, but a woman who does not hold herself back.  She has lots of energy in a charming and personal way. She is neither too much nor a saint, but a woman who you would like to be with.