About Soaked In Luxury

Soaked In Luxury is a Copenhagen based label with a conscious approach for urban, chic women who want sophisticated fashion at affordable prices. With pieces that brighten up the closet and that you can rely on season after season, Soaked In Luxury’s aesthetic is feminine and vibrant with a love for glamour yet grounded by tailored silhouettes. Soaked In Luxury dress women for their real lives – walking down the street or riding a bike. The collection offers clothes that transcend seasons with day to night versatility and ensure that you can always find a dress for tomorrow’s party.

The Soaked In Luxury woman has a positive life attitude, is outgoing and social.
She likes having a feminine and fashionable appearance, and it is important to her that her clothes 
are easy to wear and underline her personality. She chooses Soaked in Luxury because of the feminine design, 
and the many great styles trending right now at affordable prices. 

Soaked in Luxury is about being ON TREND and creating EASY TO WEAR collections.
Our collections are FEMININE and VIBRANT – and the LUXURY is found in the details of every style.

Everyday sophistication
Conscious approach
Affordable prices