About InWear
InWear is a fashion lifestyle brand founded in Copenhagen in 1969. Our modern and minimalist approach to design has resonated across generations for over 50 years. At InWear we are joined by a common sense of style, passion and love of what we do. Together we work towards refining and re-defining the new classic wardrobe. Through timeless, impeccably crafted pieces we honour the diversity of women. A space where age, size and geography does not define how you feel or how you dress.
InWear’s tailoring is built around modern minimalism. We believe in long-lasting solutions and scrutinize each and every detail before our designs go into production. We combine the virtuous crafts of construction, tailoring and draping with modern, technological innovation to improve and perfect the garments. Spirit, experience and integrity are key to us, in the making of the perfect InWear fit.
InWear – Eternally Now